who we are

The Cornell University Class Councils is one organization that is made up of four councils, each representing the four class years. There is one president for each council that is elected by the class, and five other e-board positions for each council. 

what we do

Class Councils is here to promote pride, both class and university, and community among peers. As a large organization with a wide range of programming, event planning, and sponsors, Class Councils seeks to provide an inclusive, welcoming, and exciting experience for all Cornellians. There are all-council events where the four councils come together to plan a large-scale event. There are also council-specific events that are planned and executed by that respective council.

our mission statement

The Cornell University Class Councils will serve as a community-building organization focused on these four missions

1. We will foster a sense of unity among the four classes

2. we will utilize our resources to collaborate with other student groups 

3. We will build an environment of class and cornell pride

4. we will strengthen cornell ties before and after graduation