Holiday fest

December 2019

The first event by the Class of 2023 was held in Duffield Hall to bring in the holidays for the first time for the freshman at Cornell University. In collaboration with different A Cappella groups, dance groups, and cultural organizations on campus, it was truly a fest in all senses. Touchdown also made a surprise appearance decked down in holiday gear!

For the Class of 2023, the winter holiday fest was our first opportunity to come together, dream big, and implement something to support community morale. It was tough initially, we had been on campus for a mere few months and had to learn more about our community and members of the team to determine the best course of action. Much of the success of planning Holiday Fest came from the strengthened relationships between council members as the months went on. Understanding each member's perspective, strengths, and goals allowed the council to successfully plan and execute such a large scale and spectacular event.