To kick off the 2019-2020 academic school year, the Class of 2022 brought the campfire visuals to life with a fire pit on the Bethe Courtyard. With s'more materials ready, students were able to roast their marshmallows over the fire and create their own s'mores. Right next to it, the Council brought everyone's favorite Cornell Dairy ice cream with some Fall seasonal flavors to welcome September. While some students were munching, others roasting, some others were next to them making their own bracelets decorated to their heart's content. 

The s'mores required a fire pit to create a bonfire which came with its own regulations. So, a fireman was in attendance during the event to ensure everyone's safety around the bonfire.

After running out of supplies, running out to the 7/11 for more, the Class of 2022 was ecstatic to have brought over 500 Cornellians together  and putting on an event that brought something unique and different to Cornellians. 

Quote Mark

Setting up the bonfire took so much planning, but I was really happy to see how many people came and loved our event.


s'mores at Sunset

September 2019

Winter Wonderland

December 2019

With the holidays approaching and the excitement of winter break in the air, the Council wanted to end the semester with an inclusive fest holiday themed.  To do so, the event was topped with making snow globes, gingerbread house contest, a photo booth, mug painting, and hot chocolate. The walls, ceilings, and doors were decorated to help bring in the holiday cheer.

For the first time, the council decided to put on a gingerbread house making competition & put together a snow globe creating table. 

These two activities ended up being one of the most popular activities at the Winter Wonderland.

Coordinating the snow globe building stand was incredibly rewarding because I got to see students put their own artistic flair into each of their gloves and decompress while unwinding from a stressful school week. 


I loved our winter wonderland event, as it provided students with an opportunity to take a study break and enjoy free foods and team-building activities, such as the gingerbread house competition.


Carnelian Gala

February 2020

A council favorite, the annual Carnelian Gala was put on in collaboration with the Class of 2023 council. The Carnelian Gala has a special place in 2022's hearts as it was previously named the Snowflake Gala, but rebranded last year as the Pink Gala when the Class of 2022 collaborated with the Class of 2021. This year, the Class of 2022 decided to name the annual gala as Carnelian Gala so that it may be used for years to come. Many council members contribute their passion and excitement for Class Councils to the Gala.


The gala is also unique in that it is first and foremost a philanthropy fundraiser for the chosen philanthropy of the year. These philanthropies are also commonly organizations in the Ithaca area, as we recognize that we, Cornell students, are part of a greater community, and hope to give back to organizations that also give back to the community. We were fortunate to work with Mental Health Association in Tompkins County, a non-profit organization that is committed to educating and advocating for mental health. 

In addition to raising over $2,000 this year for MHATC, the event maxed out on room capacity of having over 250 attendees at the Terrace in the Statler hotel. With a student DJ, student photographers, and many student dance and music organizations, the gala brought together students together for a night to dress up, dance, and enjoy the decorations and food prepared by the Statler staff.